Think twice

Do you ever spend some time imagining perfect scenarios in your head?  Don’t you just wish everything is nice and rosy?

I was listening to this beautiful song by Celine Dion titled “Think Twice”; all I could think was, how many times do we actually think twice about the decisions we make in our lives? These decisions does not necessarily have to be about love relationships;  it is really important for us to think twice about the things we say to the people we love, especially when we are angry.

When I was in elementary school, my teacher used to always say, “anger is a small madness”. When we are angry or upset, we sometimes tend to forget that there are people around us that may be affected by the words we use or by our actions. I have seen relationships broken up because of the hurtful words said out of anger. Don’t you just hate it when you let something or someone go because you were so blind to see the value of that person or special thing? I guess we really appreciate the value of something when we loose it.

This song spoke to me because she was asking her lover to think twice before giving up on their love. Some of you might relate to the song in a romantic way, but I want you to just always think twice before making a decision that can affect the people you love and care about.

There are three things we cannot take back: spoken words, wasted time and past life.



2 thoughts on “Think twice

  1. A smart, inspiring and insightful blog. During my childhood days, I definitely remember seeing that write-up that read “…Anger is a small madness, so be careful what you do when you’re angry, cos the result of your actions is often worse than the actual cause of your anger!”. Since then, I’v cultivated a habit of thinkin not just twice, but ‘ninety-nine times’ before I make a response to an angry situation. I often walk away, assess the situation, and then handle it to make sure it never repeats itself, but with smiles from both parties.

    I still am not perfect, same as almost everyone reading this, but we just need to be cautious and always remember that “for every harsh thought-course-of-action, there are 99 other options that could just be better and most importantly without regrets”.

  2. Anger can destroy us if we let it. It can also destroy those around us. I really like how you convey this to all of us. We really do have to look at the situation that is making us angry, and really try not to react in a negative way. We need to think twice about any decision we make, simply because of the impact that it could have. I see how one decision can hurt someone else, or help someone depending on what decision we make. It is awful that you can’t take back something once it is said, and if it is negative then it is even worse. So we really have to think about what we say and do, because you never know how it might hurt someone else.

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