Give thanks with a grateful heart

I guess everyone is feeling really excited or maybe exhausted because the thanksgiving break is almost here. This weekend was a very touching and heartfelt weekend for me; I had been so stressed about my grades and performance in nursing school that I forgot I hadn’t been paying attention to my spiritual life.

There are sometimes we just need a break from all the crazy dramas in our lives, and just breathe. Sometimes, we get so uptight that we literally forget to breathe or calm down. Life is always going to be crazy but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should go crazy because of what life keeps throwing at us.

I am so glad the thanksgiving break is almost here, and I know I am very thankful for the beautiful gift of love, family, friends, and a beautiful community.

God never puts us in a space too small for us to grow in. We need to always count our blessings and be thankful for the precious gift of love and laughter. I believe that is what thanksgiving is all about; it’s about taking that precious time to see the beauty of God in our lives, and just being thankful for being able to see the end of the year, and by God’s grace, another special year.

Have a great and fulfilling thanksgiving break.


Think twice

Do you ever spend some time imagining perfect scenarios in your head?  Don’t you just wish everything is nice and rosy?

I was listening to this beautiful song by Celine Dion titled “Think Twice”; all I could think was, how many times do we actually think twice about the decisions we make in our lives? These decisions does not necessarily have to be about love relationships;  it is really important for us to think twice about the things we say to the people we love, especially when we are angry.

When I was in elementary school, my teacher used to always say, “anger is a small madness”. When we are angry or upset, we sometimes tend to forget that there are people around us that may be affected by the words we use or by our actions. I have seen relationships broken up because of the hurtful words said out of anger. Don’t you just hate it when you let something or someone go because you were so blind to see the value of that person or special thing? I guess we really appreciate the value of something when we loose it.

This song spoke to me because she was asking her lover to think twice before giving up on their love. Some of you might relate to the song in a romantic way, but I want you to just always think twice before making a decision that can affect the people you love and care about.

There are three things we cannot take back: spoken words, wasted time and past life.


O death where is your sting?

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart, I found out that my dearest friend died last night. He was such a sweetheart, and to think that he is no longer going to be on earth with me is very disheartening.

A minute someone is born, another minute someone dies; we just have to live everyday as if it were our last. Sometimes we get so comfortable and we forget that though life is going smoothly for us, it may not be going as well for the other people that matter in our lives. We get so caught up in the little things in life that we forget the major things like family and friends. I remember getting upset over the fact that I made a C on a test; I got so carried away until my friend told me, “you know other people have it worse than you do so be thankful”. After that moment, I just paused and thanked God because I really did let the little things get to me when I was supposed to be pouring my energy into other things that matter.

My friend lived a beautiful life; he believed life was not guaranteed, and so he always told me he would enjoy each day to its fullest. I am so glad I got to have him as a friend; it is just sad that he left behind some broken hearts.

I dedicate the song “it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” by Boyz II men to my friend, and to all the good souls we have lost.