This week I learned a lot about growth; sometimes in life, we need to go through “doubtful” stages in our lives to get to the top. We have doubts about making decisions like; moving to a new place, applying for a new job, or maybe dating someone different.

Most times, we need a voice of encouragement from someone who truly knows you as a person to give you that pat on your shoulder and tell you everything will be fine. The doubts we get is perfectly normal because when we really need to move on in life, and make that bold step or leap of faith, we get scared just because we are probably stepping out of our comfort zone. Although, most times, we realize that the huge decision we made was indeed necessary for our personal growth. How else do we expect to grow if we do not do something different?

The song that stuck with me through this whole thought process was “Stronger” by Mary J. Blige. I love this song because it talks about doubts, fears, but also determination. Being strong is not really being independent, but having people to help you be strong, tell you the right words, and help you be the best that you can possibly be.

I hope you can think of that special someone in your life while you listen to this powerful song.

Stay beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Growth

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  2. GROWTH……a great result that can never be achieved without taking that bold step. Sometimes, we often get to relaxed in our comfort zone, and we fail to realise when “the cheese are being moved” (wrt the inspirational book titled “Who Moved My Cheese?”)! Its quite important to periodically assess our current situation, consider the odds, plot out the next step, and take calculated risks. More often than not, the end result is a sense of achievement, a smile of success, and a feeling of satisfaction.

    So get up, wipe the dust off your track shoes, pin-point the next level of GROWTH you want to attain, and Be What’s Next!

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