The gift of love

I can honestly say I had one of the best weekends of my college days. I got to actually be at a live concert in Wichita Falls; it was an amazing experience that will forever be in my heart. Prior to the concert, I always wondered what made certain musicians stand out, and why people like me can relate to them. Matt Maher and Brandon Heath humbled themselves and shared their life stories with the audience; they explained the true meaning behind every song they sang.

What struck me the most was, I was made to appreciate the beauty of love through a song by Matt Maher, titled ‘my only love’. When Matt Maher first played this song, he did not say the exact meaning behind it; he only said he wrote it for his “only love”. When he finished writing the song, he realized that God was actually speaking to him through that song; he flipped the meaning of the song, and instead of him singing the song to his “only love”, he realized that God was actually singing the song to him. In other words, he was God’s only love. Matt Maher asked the audience to listen to the song again as if God was speaking to us; this time I saw it differently and I realized that as much as I try to find love in a person, God’s love supersedes all. I hope you enjoy this beautiful piece by the talented Matt Maher.

Have a great week. Stay positive.



2 thoughts on “The gift of love

  1. Awesome post Saskia. I like the point you made about making music that people can relate to and also understand. Most popular musicians understand this concept and that makes them stand out. People most readily tend to be drawn to the music that they can apply to their lives and even put themselves in or sing for someone they know. I am actually thrilled by the story He told about his only love and how the same song could have several meanings depending on the one listening and the person singing the song. The song is nice to listen to and has very deep meaning. Thank you for sharing.

  2. A great music piece here by Matt Maher….I carefully listened to this song, and its just so great to imagine the extent of God’s love for us; quite comforting and motivating too. Actually, when you first listen to this song, I bet the first thought to mind would be of a loved one; maybe a boyfriend/husband or a girlfriend/wife, or even a dear friend…but then, this simply implies that we should reciprocate God’s pure love for us to that person around us aching for comfort…and actually ‘mean it and show it’ when we look into the eyes of that dearest one to say “you’re my only love…”!

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