Why Kids love Nicki Minaj!

Good day my fellow readers,

This week I will be blogging about Nicki Minaj, and why children love her so much. I guess some of these children see in her what we adults tend to miss out. First of all, she is so colorful, and indeed looks a life barbie; children are attracted to pretty colors, so I am guessing that is what makes her really attractive or like-able. Her cartoon animated character seems to come alive on stage; Growing up, most children loved watching cartoons.

I was watching the famous Ellen DeGeneres show today, and there was this little boy called Dustin who made my heart melt; he was crying because his mother would not let him sing Nicki Minaj’s song “starships” because of the curse words. My issue is, if Nicki Minaj really wants to go ahead with her multiple animated characters and personalities, she should let the children in on it; because from what I have noticed, she has lots of young growing fans. I mean, sing songs that the children will completely enjoy and not have to watch or think about the words; or better still, songs that can have great moral impacts in their lives.

Little Dustin is not the only child who is in love with Nicki Minaj, but also these little beautiful angels, Sophia Grace and Rosie. They love Nicki so much that they literally know all the words to her song. I think they are really precious. Well, Enclosed are the videos of Little Dustin, and Sophia Grace and Rose.

Stay positive.




2 thoughts on “Why Kids love Nicki Minaj!

  1. I’ve always wondered whether she should tone down her music. But I doe have a question though…wouldn’t making her music / songs less explicit somehow take away from her identity? It’s almost like telling her to get rid of her colorful hair and clothes! Or telling Lady Gaga to put on more clothes when performing (even if lately she totally need to!) I think though that parents should always monitor what their kids view on tv or listen to on the radio. I do not approve of parents who post videos on YouTube of their children singing such adult songs. That is only adding fuel to fire!

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