Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen

Hello guys. Hope you had a productive weekend, well, my weekend was really productive, as the change of weather forced me to stay at home, and what better way to utilize my time, than to study! I studied the whole weekend and I am so proud of myself. So, for the past week, I have been learning about “fair-use” and how artists get inspired, draw ideas from original works made by other artists and make it theirs. Will that then be classified as stealing? or is it legal? My love for music is endless, and I thought to myself, let me get some real facts about one of my favorite songs. This song “hallelujah” was brought to my attention by Alexandra Burke the winner of x Factor 2008. I had never heard of the song before. I listened to it, thinking it was the “original” until I logged on YouTube and saw a million and one other versions (well I over exaggerated a little bit). I realized that the original songwriter and singer is Leonard Cohen and then later a man named John Cale re-recorded it. It was actually John Cale’s version of the song that got this song on the map. People knew about this song because of the way Cale sang it and the raw emotion he put into the song. Now I call that creativity.Please listen to the different versions of the song and notice how much an original work can evolve into a different but yet unique piece.  This week, I want you guys to think of things that inspire you, and how you can remodel it to become your own.

Stay beautiful. Live. Laugh. Love




2 thoughts on “Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen

  1. Awesome post Saskia! I completely agree with you on the issue of creativity and how it requires a certain level of inspiration. Not all reuse or remix is theft in my opinion, it all depends on how and what they are used for. The example you gave is a perfect illustration of how a remix can actually sound much better than the original when people take their time and creativity to bring out a totally new and innovative piece. In some cases the remix even increases the popularity of the original song and thereby helping the original artist sell more CDs and get more fans. The final outcome is what determines what is fair-use and what is not.

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