Skyscraper- Demi Lavato vs. Gagnam style

Hello my lovely readers! So, I had an awesome weekend, I went to Maryland to go see my brother. It was so awesome, I honestly did not want to come back to my stressful reality. Well my playlist has been a little bit mixed, depending on my mood. I had some self reflection coming back from Maryland. The songs that went through my head were pretty sad, just because I thought of some of the emotional battles I have been going through. The main reason I Love music is that one can always find the song(s) that speaks to him or her. Demi Lavato’s Skyscraper touched me, because to me, it meant strength. Strength. Strength. “I will be rising from the ground”. We shall rise. I shall rise.


But Ingreat contrast, this cheeky song that has been all over the internet just got me laughing.”gagnam style” I want to not like this song, but i find myself dancing to it. hahaha well…I guess it is just one of those songs that I love to hate but I can’t help but listen to.

Finally, I wish you all a great week. I pray you don’t get as stressed and worked up as i do. Find a song that speaks to you, and continue to grow.


Lots of love



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