This week I learned a lot about growth; sometimes in life, we need to go through “doubtful” stages in our lives to get to the top. We have doubts about making decisions like; moving to a new place, applying for a new job, or maybe dating someone different.

Most times, we need a voice of encouragement from someone who truly knows you as a person to give you that pat on your shoulder and tell you everything will be fine. The doubts we get is perfectly normal because when we really need to move on in life, and make that bold step or leap of faith, we get scared just because we are probably stepping out of our comfort zone. Although, most times, we realize that the huge decision we made was indeed necessary for our personal growth. How else do we expect to grow if we do not do something different?

The song that stuck with me through this whole thought process was “Stronger” by Mary J. Blige. I love this song because it talks about doubts, fears, but also determination. Being strong is not really being independent, but having people to help you be strong, tell you the right words, and help you be the best that you can possibly be.

I hope you can think of that special someone in your life while you listen to this powerful song.

Stay beautiful.

The gift of love

I can honestly say I had one of the best weekends of my college days. I got to actually be at a live concert in Wichita Falls; it was an amazing experience that will forever be in my heart. Prior to the concert, I always wondered what made certain musicians stand out, and why people like me can relate to them. Matt Maher and Brandon Heath humbled themselves and shared their life stories with the audience; they explained the true meaning behind every song they sang.

What struck me the most was, I was made to appreciate the beauty of love through a song by Matt Maher, titled ‘my only love’. When Matt Maher first played this song, he did not say the exact meaning behind it; he only said he wrote it for his “only love”. When he finished writing the song, he realized that God was actually speaking to him through that song; he flipped the meaning of the song, and instead of him singing the song to his “only love”, he realized that God was actually singing the song to him. In other words, he was God’s only love. Matt Maher asked the audience to listen to the song again as if God was speaking to us; this time I saw it differently and I realized that as much as I try to find love in a person, God’s love supersedes all. I hope you enjoy this beautiful piece by the talented Matt Maher.

Have a great week. Stay positive.


Why Kids love Nicki Minaj!

Good day my fellow readers,

This week I will be blogging about Nicki Minaj, and why children love her so much. I guess some of these children see in her what we adults tend to miss out. First of all, she is so colorful, and indeed looks a life barbie; children are attracted to pretty colors, so I am guessing that is what makes her really attractive or like-able. Her cartoon animated character seems to come alive on stage; Growing up, most children loved watching cartoons.

I was watching the famous Ellen DeGeneres show today, and there was this little boy called Dustin who made my heart melt; he was crying because his mother would not let him sing Nicki Minaj’s song “starships” because of the curse words. My issue is, if Nicki Minaj really wants to go ahead with her multiple animated characters and personalities, she should let the children in on it; because from what I have noticed, she has lots of young growing fans. I mean, sing songs that the children will completely enjoy and not have to watch or think about the words; or better still, songs that can have great moral impacts in their lives.

Little Dustin is not the only child who is in love with Nicki Minaj, but also these little beautiful angels, Sophia Grace and Rosie. They love Nicki so much that they literally know all the words to her song. I think they are really precious. Well, Enclosed are the videos of Little Dustin, and Sophia Grace and Rose.

Stay positive.



Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen

Hello guys. Hope you had a productive weekend, well, my weekend was really productive, as the change of weather forced me to stay at home, and what better way to utilize my time, than to study! I studied the whole weekend and I am so proud of myself. So, for the past week, I have been learning about “fair-use” and how artists get inspired, draw ideas from original works made by other artists and make it theirs. Will that then be classified as stealing? or is it legal? My love for music is endless, and I thought to myself, let me get some real facts about one of my favorite songs. This song “hallelujah” was brought to my attention by Alexandra Burke the winner of x Factor 2008. I had never heard of the song before. I listened to it, thinking it was the “original” until I logged on YouTube and saw a million and one other versions (well I over exaggerated a little bit). I realized that the original songwriter and singer is Leonard Cohen and then later a man named John Cale re-recorded it. It was actually John Cale’s version of the song that got this song on the map. People knew about this song because of the way Cale sang it and the raw emotion he put into the song. Now I call that creativity.Please listen to the different versions of the song and notice how much an original work can evolve into a different but yet unique piece.  This week, I want you guys to think of things that inspire you, and how you can remodel it to become your own.

Stay beautiful. Live. Laugh. Love



Skyscraper- Demi Lavato vs. Gagnam style

Hello my lovely readers! So, I had an awesome weekend, I went to Maryland to go see my brother. It was so awesome, I honestly did not want to come back to my stressful reality. Well my playlist has been a little bit mixed, depending on my mood. I had some self reflection coming back from Maryland. The songs that went through my head were pretty sad, just because I thought of some of the emotional battles I have been going through. The main reason I Love music is that one can always find the song(s) that speaks to him or her. Demi Lavato’s Skyscraper touched me, because to me, it meant strength. Strength. Strength. “I will be rising from the ground”. We shall rise. I shall rise.


But Ingreat contrast, this cheeky song that has been all over the internet just got me laughing.”gagnam style” I want to not like this song, but i find myself dancing to it. hahaha well…I guess it is just one of those songs that I love to hate but I can’t help but listen to.

Finally, I wish you all a great week. I pray you don’t get as stressed and worked up as i do. Find a song that speaks to you, and continue to grow.


Lots of love