The X Factor..

So it’s that time of the season where you get to see aspiring singers grow up and become stars. well, i tend to watch xfactor UK and USA, just because i love the fact that they are so different, yet so similar. it’s weird, but i guess ‘s understandable! the funny part is that these shows introduces us to funny characters who believe that they are so gifted and talented in music but end up hurting our eardrums or just being cocky! X factor UK introduced us to this beautiful singer called James Arthur, and boy! does he have passion!!! WOW! unortunately he is froma broken home, and his story is very emotional and it makes you see where he gets the passion and drive from. so please listen and enjoy!

And then the lovely Xfactor USA introduced us to this little fire cracker who I must say is very different. She just finished high school, so i guess she is just anxious to see what is out there in the world; she has a beautiful personality, and she just leaves you wanting more.  Her name is Jennel Garcia! Now she is beautiful, innocently flirty and young. She is beautiful…her energy is contagious, and you just know she is going to be a star!

Music is food to the soul and you get inspired so live and breathe every moment of your life because you only live once.


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