You can make it through the rain!

Ok guys I was really having a bad day today; it’s just that I got the feeling of loneliness, just because I miss my family. I just got back from Nigeria, and I have been in the States for two years! two years without seeing my family, so when i got the chance to see them, it was really short. I could only spend thirteen days with them because i had to come back to school. I thought to myself, at least I get to just be with them, even if it’s for a day. Well, I am thankful I got to see them, but when I got back from Nigeria, I felt so empty. I miss my family 😦 I woke up this morning with that empty feeling. I went to church, and I prayed for God to just give me the strength to get through this feeling of being homesick. Ever heard the saying, “friends are the flowers that bloom in life’s gardens”? Well, thank God for my sweet friend! She made me listen to this beautiful song  by Mariah Carey, called “Through the rain”. so beautiful! and I can’t stop listening to it, I hope this song touches you as much as it touched me!



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