Stress Reliever- Florence and the Machine!

Ok Guys, today i have been trying to do my homework, study for my test! 19 chapters! wow! but i learned how to use this linkedin website thing  that i learned from my online internet and society class, which i think is pretty neat because i get to be in the professional network. The website allows you to be more marketable, and gives you information about new job positions..etc..Well, anyways, going through all this stress and not trying to panic is very difficult, and music helps me calm down. I decided to listen to Florence and the Machine- Shake it out! She sang, “and it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back”. Right now, my devil is all these tones of homework. like i can’t keep up, and time is really not on my side. So guess what, I am shaking it out and i will definitely get through these challenges of being a student. My mother always says, hardwork equals success.  I hope my hard work pays off because.I hope this song makes you dance, and appreciate the value of good beautiful music that helps calm the storms and make you believe everything will be okay!

thanks for reading..have a beautiful and wonderful week. Remember to Dream, Believe and Inspire.


The X Factor..

So it’s that time of the season where you get to see aspiring singers grow up and become stars. well, i tend to watch xfactor UK and USA, just because i love the fact that they are so different, yet so similar. it’s weird, but i guess ‘s understandable! the funny part is that these shows introduces us to funny characters who believe that they are so gifted and talented in music but end up hurting our eardrums or just being cocky! X factor UK introduced us to this beautiful singer called James Arthur, and boy! does he have passion!!! WOW! unortunately he is froma broken home, and his story is very emotional and it makes you see where he gets the passion and drive from. so please listen and enjoy!

And then the lovely Xfactor USA introduced us to this little fire cracker who I must say is very different. She just finished high school, so i guess she is just anxious to see what is out there in the world; she has a beautiful personality, and she just leaves you wanting more.  Her name is Jennel Garcia! Now she is beautiful, innocently flirty and young. She is beautiful…her energy is contagious, and you just know she is going to be a star!

Music is food to the soul and you get inspired so live and breathe every moment of your life because you only live once.

You can make it through the rain!

Ok guys I was really having a bad day today; it’s just that I got the feeling of loneliness, just because I miss my family. I just got back from Nigeria, and I have been in the States for two years! two years without seeing my family, so when i got the chance to see them, it was really short. I could only spend thirteen days with them because i had to come back to school. I thought to myself, at least I get to just be with them, even if it’s for a day. Well, I am thankful I got to see them, but when I got back from Nigeria, I felt so empty. I miss my family 😦 I woke up this morning with that empty feeling. I went to church, and I prayed for God to just give me the strength to get through this feeling of being homesick. Ever heard the saying, “friends are the flowers that bloom in life’s gardens”? Well, thank God for my sweet friend! She made me listen to this beautiful song  by Mariah Carey, called “Through the rain”. so beautiful! and I can’t stop listening to it, I hope this song touches you as much as it touched me!


new to me music: hannah trigwell

love love love her raw talent!!

The Verbal Thing

Recently, I’ve been making a lot of mixes — for feelings, for friends, for fandoms — which means that, for the first time in a long time, I’ve been browsing YouTube quite a bit. As I’ve gotten more involved in music and the art of mix-making, I’ve discovered that oftentimes, the original recording of a song might fit the overall theme of what you’re aiming at — but the feeling is just all wrong. What to do? As far as I can tell, there are a few options:

  • Search for an acoustic version of the song, by the same artist
  • Search for a cover

YouTube is ripe with young, talented musicians who record themselves on a regular basis playing original material and covers of popular songs. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of discovering a number of incredible artists just by searching for covers of random songs… But today, I discovered…

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A beautiful songbird from South Africa!

I just discovered this beautiful singer from South Africa! Zahara!Now I don’t understand the language, but she got to explain the meaning of her song to her beautiful fans! which obviously includes ME!

What stood out to me, was that in the song, she says “Wipe your tears”

So if you have been hurting, please wipe those tears! and believe everything is or will be okay!


and here is the beautiful song


Remember Boyz II men?

One thing i love about good music, is that it never gets old!

This song touches my soul, because it just reminds me of how great it is to have my mother in my life, this goes out to every beautiful mother out there.


Hello guys!

hello lovelies!

So I have a sweet passion for good music! and i will be sharing my love for different kinds of music in my blog! please feel free to let me know any song that touches your heart and means a lot to you!!!

Lots of love,